Readers predict major change to M&A market

A Mining Mergers and Acquisitions poll has shown that our readers believe that the ‘mega deals’ trend currently seen in industry M&As won’t last and that we may soon see a shift to a high-volume low-value M&A market.

Despite reports from the past year concerning high value industry deals, such as the consolidation of India’s Cairn and Vedanta natural resource companies, our readers have forecast that rising commodity prices will lead to higher volume of lower value mergers and acquisitions in the sector.


Last year, the global M&A market saw a 142 per cent increase in the value of mergers and buyouts, but whether or not the industry will be able to maintain this level of high value mega deals remains to be seen

Industry expert Campbell Jaski, a partner with PPB Advisory, has said that the sector is in perfect M&A condition, which could lead smaller firms to contemplate potential moves, confidence bolstered by the aforementioned rising commodity prices.