Port of Newcastle ships 11.5 million tons of coal in a month

The Port of Newcastle shipped more than 11.5 million tons of coal in February, a drop of more than 12% per cent on the previous month.

Figures show that the world’s largest coal export port shipped $1.4 billion of power plant coal and coking coal in February.

In January the port shipped 13.169 million tons of coal. According to the figures the port in February shipped 9.55% less coal year on year.

The Port of Newcastle served 129 ships in February – a fall of 12.83% on the previous month.

In 2017 so far the port has shipped 24.7 million tons of coal worth just over $3 billion.

It comes amid reports of a major change in the ownership of Newcastle Port, which is a vital terminal for coal shipments in Australia.

Newcastle Port is the world’s largest coal terminal with over 117 million tonnes of coal being exported every year to mainly Japan, Korea and Taiwan.